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Santiniketan Sebaniketan has started its journey in the year of 2018 at Bolpur, West Bengal. It provides the best and top class medical services in the province of treatment, availability of diversified medicines and highly qualified medical professionals. We have founded this clinic so that patients from various areas of Bolpur can be served without any obstacle. It has been observed that medical professionals prescribe certain medicines depending upon the critical symptoms which are barely available in most of the clinics. Also these medicines proved to be costly. Patients suffer a lot due to unavailability of these medicines which in turn force them to visit clinics far away from their residence and to purchase these high cost treatments. We are very fortunate and delightful to announce that our clinic has proved itself best in the market which serves hundreds of patients with their prescribed treatments without any barrier. Any sort of prescribed medicines are available in our store at a reasonable price. We are hopeful that our clinic will definitely establish itself as a model in terms of providing best service in contemporary scenario

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