What we are and our history

Santiniketan Sebaniketan” has started its journey in the year of 2018 at Bolpur, West Bengal. It provides best medical service under the umbrella of “SWADHIN” trust. It has been recommended as the topmost Nursing Home in the area of Bolpur. Equipped with modern clinical gadgets and reasonable treatment charge, it is established with the aim of providing the society the best medical facility. Doctors with diversified knowledge and huge experiences have made this Nursing Home so special that any patient with health difficulties returns home with the confidence to retrieve quickly from their sickness. Irrespective of time and

Vision & Mission

Our goal and thoughts

“SWADHIN” stands for “Society for Welfare and Human Initiatives”. We have pledged ourselves for the development of this society and providing the forthcoming generation an excellent future. People from rural areas usually suffer a lot because of lack of medical facilities. They are redirected to city hospitals if treatment us unavailable at local medical spaces. Thus they go through a lot in during this process. With the aim of subsidizing their pain, we have founded “Santiniketan Sebaniketan” which stands as a corporate Nursing Home where treatment is conducted with reasonable charge. We established this medical facility to treat every single human being irrespective of their economic status. Our aim is to provide them the best medical treatment with the help of highly skilled medical professionals and high end medical instruments. Our mission is to eradicate all sorts of health related problems and to provide a single place where any medical requirement can be provided with ease