Santiniketan Sebaniketan


● Patient Registration
This feature helps to register the patient in the nursing home system. You can add the name, address, identity information, along with a photograph of the patient using this feature.

● Appointment Scheduler

Handling the appointments can lead to a mess if not managed properly. Hence, using the appointment scheduling feature of your software, you can easily schedule appointments and manage them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

● Visit Details of the Patients
The patient’s visit details can help doctors and administration determine when the patient last visited the nursing home. It will also provide a record of what medications were prescribed by the doctor on his last visit for more accurate diagnostics.

● Prescription Details

Having an integrated system for the prescriptions will save the trouble of safely securing the prescriptions for both patients and administration. Moreover, the prescription will emerge with the testing reports and medicine recommendations so that all required information is stored together and retrieved easily when required.

● Billing Information

The OPD management software must be efficient in pulling out billing details of the patient with ease. It should print the receipts and bills using a simple command and verify the charges of drugs given to the patient.

● Certificates
The medical software can save you from running to different departments to acquire the required certificates. Different departments can upload the birth, fitness, sickness, and death certificates in their own system and the patient can get it printed from a single source.


● Admission of Patient
We have a medical software in which we admit patient effortlessly. It should assign the ward and the patient’s respective bed based on his medical preferences and requirements.

● Bed Management
In our software we have the real-time details of the occupancy status of beds available with their assigned room type to prevent any kind of mismatching.

● OT Schedule & Consent Form
Updating the OT inventory with patients, surgeons, specialists, and consent forms of patients heirs is an important function that the software should incorporate for the seamless working of the hospital system.

● Operative Notes
After the operation we provide vividly described OT Note .

● Round Notes for Doctors
In our nursing home our doctor give medicine chart and a round note .